Markay Latimer Course Review Part 2

By Karl Domm

This video is part two of my review of Markay Latimer and her 1K Club.

So let’s go through them. Mistake number one, trading too big.

Mistake number one, trading too big. But there is absolutely nothing in this entire course about sizing your trades.

Mistake number two, letting emotions control your trading.

Again, I didn’t see anything in the course about how to control your emotions or any type of psychology or anything related to this subject.

Mistake number three, not having a plan.

So no plan. I’m going to refer back to the only three actionable items. And I’m going to go to the third item that I talked about, where there was a trigger point to get in, that trigger port was hit, and now we’re sitting in this position and there’s absolutely no plan. There’s no stop, there’s no profit target, there’s no plan whatsoever. And this is the only open position that is currently in play right now.

You got to plan your trade and trade your plan. Mistake number four, trading too often.

Take number four trading too often. Obviously she does not have to worry about breaking this rule because there’s no trades. There’s only one trade on right now, and it’s not even on. We don’t know what to do with it. So she definitely does not trade too often.

Mistake five, not having a strategy that works.

Not having a strategy that works. Okay. So we’ve seen three potential actionable items. One of them never happened. The second one was a strategy that lost 77%. That strategy doesn’t work. And the other strategy is open-ended. We don’t know what’s going on. That strategy is not working because we don’t know what to do.

30 minutes a day is all you need to make an extra $1,000 per month.

That sounds great. But there was absolutely nowhere in the course that talked about what you do during this 30 minute timeframe. A 30 minute timeframe was never addressed in the whole course.

And why finding stocks is actually the very easiest part of trading.

Finding stocks was never addressed. She might’ve said, “I like this particular stock, or I like that stock.” But she never actually made an actionable thing to say, okay, “Here’s how you filter through and find stocks.” She never did that.

Don’t you need to sit at your computer all day in order to be successful? And how do they know which stocks to trade at any given time?

That’s a great question because I never found the answer to that. I never found the answer to “Which stocks do I trade?”

And trust me, I had those same exact questions.

She should have the same exact question because she can’t answer that question herself because she never answered that question in the course.

You could easily make an extra $1,000 by the end of this very month.

I still don’t understand where I’m going to make $1,000. I don’t know how to size my account, I never got any trade recommendations. The only thing I got worth three possible trades. One of them lost money. The other ones, I don’t know what to do with. Where am I making $1,000? I went through the whole course. There was nothing there that even talked about how you’re going to make $1,000. Like the word $1,000 was not in the entire course.

Now that I’ve mastered this trading technique I want to show you how you can do the same.

There were no training techniques given, unless you take what you’ve seen on CNBC’s Fast Money, and you call those techniques then that’s a technique. There were no executions. There was no “Here’s how much capital you use.” There was no here’s when you execute and enter a trade, here’s when you exit a trade. None of that, except for those three actionable items that I’ve talked about.

30 minute trading day.

There’s that 30 minute thing again, I’ve heard it over and over and over in the marketing campaign, but not one time in the course.

But more importantly, I’m also known as one of the best training instructors in the US.

One of the best trading instructors in the US. Does that mean you talk about three chart patterns that are on CNBC all the time. You don’t talk about anything actionable in your course, and you’re one of the top instructors in the United States. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

See, my trading method is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Her method is 100% unique. First of all, there was a basic options course, which was nothing unique at all. A blueprint with three commonly known chart patterns of masterclass, where my biggest takeaway was that if we’re in a bull market, go long. An over the shoulder where no trade executions were made or even talked about. She did go over a line chart, bar chart and candlestick chart though. Urgent updates, where she went over how to take a 77% loss on an options trade. There’s not been any profitable trades. There’s nothing unique in this whole entire course.

Like most traders I do not spend all day watching the news or obsessing over countless stock charts.

Not only does she not spend the day obsessing over charts. I don’t think she trades at all.

Instead, I created a new way of trading I call the 30 minute trading day.

There’s that 30 minute reference again. Again, never referenced in the course.

I’ve been trading this way for over the past two decades. Out of all the training I’ve tried over the years, this is the one I’ve used the most to generate thousands of dollars every single month.

One trading method, one specific traded method that she uses all the time. I scoured the entire course looking for this one trading method that she was talking about. Like, which one is it? Which one is her favorite one? That single one that does everything that she says. She never referred to any single trading method. She referred to multiple trading methods, but she never said, this is my favorite one. This is the one that makes me all the money. Never even said that.

… going to provide you a way to watch me trade for 30 minutes a night.

Would watching her trade mean that she was actually going to execute a trade? Because she never even talked about executing a trade, except for those three trades that I’ve referenced.

I can make money no matter what.

How does she make money without executing a single trade? I’m thinking it’s her sales course that makes money not her trading.

First I look at my favorite stock charts for only 30 minutes a night. Second, once I scan these charts, I only trade the ones with the best money-making potential. Third, I set up the trades to take care of themselves automatically, and I’m done.

Her favorite charts. Okay, go to CNBC. You can see the charts and the way they look at charts there. Trade the best potential stocks. She didn’t trade anything, except for, like I said before, the one trade where she lost 77% and the other trade which she opened, but we have no idea what to do next. So I don’t know how that’s setting it and forgetting it or setting it up to be automatic when she didn’t even put in a stock or a profit target in her last open trade.

… nine days. And I’m not pulling that number out of the sky either. Just take a look at my track record from the last 100 trades.

Okay, is this a real track record or something that was just kind of made up on the fly? I don’t know, let’s see. “Not actual account statement.” Right there. Okay. I don’t know how that proves anything.

When you run the math on that trading record, that’s $2,730 per trade even when you average in the losing trades.

But her total trading record is totally made up as you just saw in her fake statement. She even admitted it was a fake statement. So the whole thing is made up. So her trading record is made up.

As long as you stick to the game plan, I’ll provide to you, this is going to be one of the easiest risk-free decisions you could ever make.

I think her game plan is similar to Roger Scott’s. He didn’t show up at all and Markay just doesn’t make any trades. That’s 100% risk-free.

Let me take you back in time to over 20 years ago. See I wasn’t always this trading money making machine.

You’re not a trading money-making machine right now because you haven’t proved it. You don’t even execute trades.

In fact, thanks to that advice I was able to turn that $2,000 stake into a $2 million fortune in under two years flat.

How can she do that when in three months, in the last three months, all of her actionable trades, if you combine them all together, she’s down 77%.

Out of eight trades, six big winners. Some of them include $1,600 in two days.

Wait, am I supposed to believe some made up spreadsheet? If I was making these kinds of returns, guess what I would show? I would show my real brokerage statements to prove that this happened. This is not proof of anything.

He wrote to me, “With nothing saved for retirement I had finally found that better way I’ve been looking for. I’m getting far better results trading now than I was experiencing on my own. So far, I’ve made $23,542 in profit. Thank you for the help.”

Most of these advertisements are testimonials and I strongly believe that the testimonials are about as real as the brokerage account statements, which means they’re not real at all. Trying to pick a stocks direction in my opinion is about a 50/50 probability bet and trying to manage money around a 50% probability is similar to playing blackjack in Las Vegas. It’s extremely difficult to consistently make money.

I cannot think of anyone I know personally that has been successful at it. And if you know someone personally that is successful at this, please send them my way so I can evaluate their process. Now after spending $49 and going through three hours and 33 minutes of video content and reading six different PDFs, which added up to about 30 pages of data, I did not see anything close to being proprietary. I did not see Markay Latimer successfully making money trading stocks.

In fact, I never even saw her execute any trades. I never saw anything that credibly showed her even holding any positions. She had six modules and four of those modules were non-actionable content. Two modules did have actionable content. The actions were to possibly execute three trades. One had a price entry that was not achieved so no action was taken. One lost 77% and one reached a triggered entry price, but no further recommendations were made on profit target or stop loss. And none of the recommendations or content ever addressed how to size your positions. The content inside the course does not even address what was made in the marketing content. In my opinion, 98% of the time was focused on creating good marketing content and 2% of the efforts were applied towards the actual content behind the paywall. The whole course was specifically created and designed to sell a course and not to provide any value in any way.

I could just go to YouTube and search for stock trading videos, pick any video, send that video creator $100 and I’ll get 10 times the value compared to this course. I wish I was a better writer because I can’t even begin to explain how bad this course is. Bottom line, stay away from Markay Latimer. I hope this information is helpful and to obtain this information, I spent $49, but the course was so bad. I might get a refund and around 10 hours investigating Markay Latimer more and creating and editing this video. All I ask in return is that if you found this information helpful or interesting that you subscribe, check out my free course in the link bellow.

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