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Hey stock market traders, welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time here, my name is Karl. Karl with a K. I’ve been trading stocks and options online since the early 1990s. If you’re here to learn about trading or to figure out if a stock or options course on YouTube is worth the money, then make sure to subscribe to the channel. In this video, I’m going to go over a recently released video by The video’s about a member’s experience and review with brokerage statements. If you click to watch this video to see the loophole I’m referring to, I will get to that later in the video. This video I believe was made specifically to try and counter the videos I created about my experience. I’m not saying everything in the video is fake, but there are a few interesting things to point out. First, look at the key words in the title. “True trader, three weeks experience, real member review of Dan Parker.” Now if you look at my title, you can see, “My real experience with, week one with Dan Parker.”

Those titles almost match word for word, I mean they’re the same keywords and there’s nothing wrong with this. Except if this member made his own video without help from, then I’d seriously doubt his title would be so close and almost match mine. Next, I want to get into some specifics and I can do this because our membership happened to overlap from June 2nd to June 10th. Which means we were both members at the same time for these seven trading days. On June 2nd, BZUN was shorted by this member. Yet I was unable to short BZUN on the toss platform. This happened to be the largest winning trade in the whole spreadsheet. Not a huge deal, it’s just a point I wanted to make. Also, I noticed that this member seemed to take some bad trades according to Dan. Dan, had specific pricing he was willing to accept for the following stocks. So on June 3rd, it was AEO, GNUS. On June 9th it was AMD, FOSL and NAKD. This member went against Dan’s recommendations and took these trades at a worse price than what Dan would take.

For example, Dan was looking to buy NAKD long at 81 cents. Yet this member went long at 91 cents. He went against Dan’s recommendation and overpaid for five different stocks that I counted. Another thing is that this member did not follow Dan on the following stocks, June 4th, KZR. June 5th, GCI, TUP. June 8th, ICD, JAKE, NINE and June 10th, AMC and GES. Dan, always mentioned how he only wanted to trade A plus trades and I’m not saying this member was wrong. But I’m saying that according to Dan, he was not taking the A plus trades and if your brand new, would you think you would want to stick to the A plus trades? I think I have seen where Dan has traded the above mentioned stocks, but not on the same day as this member and Dan, he may have traded them privately and it is possible. I didn’t write down one of those that Dan did trade, but those stocks were not on Dan’s radar on those particular days. This member also states that he had a three week experience, when actually it was closer to two weeks.

As he quoted that he was traveling from June 11th to June 16th. Is it possible he did trade and he did not want him to show his statements on those days. Remember, it was my theory that participated in making this video. Next, I noticed he skipped the brokerage statement for June 3rd. Let me show you.

So not bad for my first day and my first trade right here and then we move on to my second day, June 4th.

On June 3rd, it was the day that he made over $413, which was his most profitable day on the spreadsheet. Now was this just a mistake? If helped him make this video, I would say it was not a mistake. Hey, I could be wrong. Okay, now I’m going to get into the loophole. Dan has mentioned in his ads that he makes two to 5% per day. He also mentioned in one of his ads that other trading gurus are happy making 2% a month when he can make over 2% a day. This means if Dan is trading an account worth, for example $25,000, then a 2% return is about 500 bucks. So Dan would be making $500 or more a day on a $25,000 account, right? Okay. What is this member’s account size? So I searched through his trades and here’s what I found. I went through the adjusted cost basis and the highest number I could find right here was $25,071. So, that was the highest point at what he showed his account was worth. That trade happened to be on the stocks CARV. Let’s see here.

You can see here, right here at 19. CARV, he bought 1501 shares at $16.70 cents, spent $25,071. This means his account is worth a minimum of $25,000, right? He says that he’s averaging two to 4%.

So you can see right here for most of the trades, I’ve actually been averaging anywhere between two to 4%. So you can see 1.8, 1.1.

Okay, well, let’s look at the real percent returns and I’m going to show you a spreadsheet that I put together, which was the numbers from his spreadsheet. So you can see in the red that those are the returns that he claimed he received per trade, but here’s the actual returns. Because remember, he has $25,000 in the account. So if you take the real returns, you can see that they’re much, much lower. Let me give an example. So look at here, number 17, right here where he claims that he made 19.86%. Okay. But he outlayed $188 and he made a $37 return. Yeah, that’s 19.86%. That’s true, but is it really 2% of the account, which is approximately $500? No, it’s not even close. All his percentages are wrong. So if you look at the real returns, the ones that Dan is talking about in his ads back to the spreadsheet. Here are the real returns. So you can see his average return is 0.25%, not even 1%. 0.25%, which is not even close to 2%. In fact, that is eight times less than his claim of 2%.

So the loophole is stating returns based on the capital deployed per trade, instead of stating the returns on the value of the total portfolio. The loophole is falsely claiming returns that are eight times higher than the actual real returns. So on the next subject here, I initially thought that showing the chat in could be considered proprietary. But since this member showed the chat, it must not be proprietary. So you can see here where he shows the chat. So it must not be proprietary. So let me show you something from my personal chat that I was chatting with this guy David C, he’s a moderator. I told him, “I was told to risk one to 2% of my capital per trade. So I just risked 1.6% and followed the trade in a livestream and took on one trade and made 1.6%. But I didn’t make the two to 5%. So I’m asking, should I change my risk parameters and take more risk?”

And here’s his response here, “The two to 5% claim in the ads is what you can make, if you look at Dan’s actual trade log published in the public TT site. You’ll find his percentage range from way below 1% to over 5% portrayed for an average since last October of 2%.” Now, is that an average of the capital outlaid per trade or is that an average of the total portfolio that Dan talks about in his ads? To go on here. If you’re looking for a program that guarantees some percentage, especially when you’re following the leaders over screen share. Which means your entries and exits will naturally be slightly different, which also means your portfolio will be slightly different. If you actually find one that guarantees an exact return, let us know so we can sign up too. I take this to mean that if they could find someone that can show you how to make two to 5% per day, then they themselves would want to sign up. But wait, don’t they have Dan for that? Remember, any legitimate instructor will let you track their total portfolio P&L.

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