The Trading Level Matrix

I’m going to go over 28 years of trading experience all summed up here in about 3 minutes.  And the way I’m going to do that is go over something I developed called The Trading Level Matrix.

Now briefly, we can just see the description or the level.  

  • Level #1 being fundamental analysis; 
  • trader [level] #2 being a technical analysis trader; 
  • [Level #]3 long options; 
  • [Level #]4 option premium selling.  
  • [Level #5 options premium selling hedged]

But the difference between #4 and #5 is #4 is not hedged and #5 is hedged.  And you can see what the edge is.  Basically,the sources, CNBC I mean, it could be any kind of source but I just kind of named somebody there, but you’ve got gurus, option gurus, smarter option gurus. 

The only sources I’ve found for level 5 trading is: Real P&L and also Trading Dominion from Ron Bertino.  And pretty much all four of these are directional.  This is the only non-directional system.  And that’s the only way to really get that edge from selling option premium. 

And what about the consistency?  Well, there’s really no consistency here.  Here’s temporary until the market crashes.  Yes, level 5 is always consistent.  The inclusivity–this is basically a generic–these are all generic things.  Everything with this level 1,3,4 and then we get to level 5 that’s a proprietary type system.  

The weakness: money management, money management, low probability.  When the market crashes, it wrecks the whole position.  And this one: the weakness is you keep less premium compared to like a level 4 because you got to pay for that hedge to protect you.  

And as far as the complexity, this is really good because you only manage one underlying thing and you use objective rules these are all subjective.

And the time that it takes to manage these systems.  These are like jobs.  This one’s only 15 minutes; 15 to 30 minutes a week.  And risk in a in a crash, you know, this is profitable.  This is massive–losses over here in this level 4.  And these guys you just don’t know, you know, you could be long or short.  

Now, as far as the volatility, I would say this is medium, high, high, high; and this is low, low volatility here.  Your risk adjusted returns are very good on this level 5 type trades.  And does it outperform the S&P?  No none of these do, but yes, a level 5 trade does outperform the S&P because you’ve seen that I’ve shown my P&L.  

Well, none of these are proven.  If you find somebody that is trading number 1, 2, 3, 4 and they’re showing their P&L and they’re proven profitable, please let me know.  I’ve been looking for this.  I’ve been asking for two and a half years for everybody that I see as an instructor on Youtube.  I’ve got over six thousand people in my email.  Within the email, I asked them the people on my email list to go find them and ask them for their P&L that 6,000 people that have been potentially asking for P&L, I don’t get P&L from anyone.

So this is really the only proven system.  It’s a level 5 system.  All the systems that I trade are level 5 trading systems.  

Now, what I’ve done is I’ve developed a level five trading plan with easy to follow rules etched in stone so you can learn the secrets to the highest trading level where the consistent profitable traders live.  And what I’ve done is compressed 28 years of trading knowledge into an objective rules based, easy to apply, trading system that controls the second order greeks which is the key to mining the option premium seller’s edge.  If you click the link in the description, you can use it today absolutely free.  Just click the link below. 

Remember: if the P&L is not real, what else are they trying to conceal.


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