Real P&L March 2020

This is Karl Domm with your Real P&L update.  Today is April 1st, 2020, I am going to update the account for March, the month of March of 2020.  

The first thing I want to do though is go over what would happen if my position, that I had on, that took a loss, you saw that I took a loss in February.  If I had that position on, how would that have held up throughout the rest of the market, because this position is actually designed to hold up in any market environment.  

Well, here’s what it looked like when I opened it.  You want to pay attention to this number here that’s my P&L of $400–minus $468–on the open.  That’s because it’s slippage and I’m going to go ahead and move this up to a couple of hours later to 10:50 because I exited this trade and at that time of day and a couple days away.  

So this is Monday the 24th when I opened.  You can see just after a couple hours it’s down pretty significant.  So we’ll go to the next day and you can see the day and time stamp up here.  And here’s the P&L of the position.  So I’ll just move forward here so you can see that the markets coming down and the position is getting negatively affected.  And here’s when I exited the trade right here.  This exact time.  So it was down about $44,000 when I exited.  

Let’s see what would happen if I would have stayed in?  So next day down the same, next day down the same, so you see that it didn’t really drawdown lower than that $45,000.  And you can see that a few days later we’re still at that same drawdown.  So normally by now my hedges would have activated and I would have been out of this trade so I’m looking at this thing thinking what’s going on, you know, it’s not normal.

Let’s see if the hedges did actually activate?  On Monday the 9th of March, still no activation but I haven’t lost any more than what I did when I got out.  Here’s Tuesday, Tuesday, March 10th, Wednesday the 11th, you can see now that we’re starting to come in a little bit of a profit on this position on Thursday, March 12, and Friday the 13th.  Looks pretty good.  And then we could see Monday the 16th, I would have exited here.  This trade actually would have made me $74,000.  That would have been a nice profit if I would have held on.  I just saw things that I’d never saw before with the trade.  I basically got pushed out of it, but here is how resilient my positions are; and the account.  I just was surprised to see that drawdown for such a long period of time without the hedges activating.  But they did finally activate and here’s what I wanted to show you that they did. 

Okay, well, let’s go over what happened in March.  And March was a really good month. Things went as predicted.  The market was a little unpredictable, but that didn’t have any effect on the system that I have in place.  The system I have a place is set up for any and all type of market conditions.  And so that means it was set up for this particular market condition, the one that happened to March.  

So you can see here.  Here’s the first day, trading day, in March.  I actually had to add $25,000 into the account because it was under the $100,000 which was required for portfolio margin.  So I had to add that in so at the time it was around $110,000.  Would you see how this particular month went for me?  It went very well up to $132,000, up 20%, for the month.  And I don’t expect to see 20% returns per month.  But I do expect to see overall positive returns.  At least consistently, not necessarily monthly.  I mean there might be months where I’m not up.  All my back-tests with the system show that I will make profits over a consistent basis.

And I have been out looking at all the–as many gurus as I can as many financial guys as I can– and I’ve always asked them what’s your P&L, but nobody wants to show their P&L.  

There’s only just a couple people that show their P&L; very, very, few.  One of them is San Lucci.  The other one is David Jaffe.  I haven’t heard from David; he hasn’t put up a video for a couple of weeks.  But those are the only two that I know of and then me, that’s three.  No one else is willing to share their actual real P&L.  

And when people aren’t willing to show their real P&L, I really don’t think that they’re credible.  They’re just touting all the things that they can do, and all the things that they say they’ve done and everything.  But it’s not real because they haven’t shown their P&L.  So remember if you want a credible mentor get their P&L.


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