Real P&L January 2020

This is Karl Domm with your Real P&L update.  I have a couple of announcements to make.  One, I’m going to, at this point, not post every single day because I do have this tool here that I can show.  I can show my account and I can do it on a monthly basis.  And you’ll be able to see everything that happened over the month with this graph in this chart.  

In fact, this is from the time that I started this YouTube channel approximately at this time.  You can see here, we started with $109,915 on this particular day.  It actually had about $110,700 when I started 3 days before that.  But you can also see here as time goes by how the account has performed.  You can see that there hasn’t been any real significant drawdown in the account. I think that’s really the key factor when you get this kind of percent return over six months.  Now most 14.5% without significant drawdown and you can extrapolate that out to 29%.  That’s the key factor but you can see the account value $126,700.  We can change this.  

I’ll just go from January to the end of January.  Okay, so you can kind of see.  This is what you’re gonna be seeing from now on.  It’s just a monthly review and you can see that the account has stayed very level and then there was an event here where I put on some positions and you can see what happens after that.  You can see basically 4.5% for the month of January.  It just depends on how things go.  For February, the account might end up just flat the whole month because I wait for opportunities.  When those opportunities occur then I strike and I make money but there might not be an opportunity throughout the whole month of February and you might just see these flat all the way through the whole month.  That is a possibility.  That’s the way February is playing out so far.  But again, update: you will not see daily videos.  I’m going to have monthly videos and you’ll be able to track my P&L that way.  So remember, if you want a credible mentor get their P&L.


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