Real P&L Daily Update 1-18-22

Today is Tuesday January 18, 2022 and every once in a while I do a video on what it’s like to trade the Synthetic Dragon.  And you can see that I’m fully transparent.  Here’s my net liquidation right here, about $185,000.  And I made one adjustment today.  I haven’t made any adjustments all month until today.  So this is my first adjustment in the new year.  And you can see that I’m up, you know, $1,200 and you can see the market’s down pretty significantly.  Down about 1.5%.  

So the market’s down pretty good.  A lot of option premium sellers are hurting pretty bad today, but I’m just up over $1,000 just making one adjustment for the month.  So I spent about 15 minutes on this portfolio in the month of January.

The entire portfolio is so simple to manage.  All I do is twice a week I ask myself six questions; or if the market’s crashing, I’ll ask seven questions on a daily basis even if the portfolio requires an adjustment and I can’t get to it for a day or so it’s no big deal.  If I’m busy all I really need to do is check the market to see if it’s crashing.  If it’s not, I just do whatever I want.  I could easily work a full-time job; or take the day off; or work on my Youtube reviews; or just whatever I’d like to do.  And my Synthetic Dragon Portfolio just makes money.  Also I am proactively protected from a market crash with my system.  In fact, the portfolio is set up to profit in any market environment.  

When someone makes a claim like I just did, do not believe them unless they share their entire portfolio P&L, and they include their daily drawdowns.  Remember, risk adjusted returns are important, so if someone makes 20% but their account draws down 60% that’s not a good return on risk.  

Now so far, I’ve been sharing my real P&L on this channel since August of 2019 consistently on schedule even through the COVID crash.  And I’ve turned $110,000 into $170,000.  Now, I’m able to trade this way partially due to the specific secret trade structure I use that you can only learn about from a course from Ron Bertino.

I took this trade structure and created specific trading rules around it to create an easy to implement system that is profitable in any market environment.  I learned the trade structure in Ron Bertino’s group of which I am an affiliate, and if you use my affiliate link to take the course and then join the Mastermind Group, I will send you a trade almost identical to the Synthetic Dragon.  

Now, I’ve also created what I might call a mini-version of the Synthetic Dragon that can be traded in a small sized account, as small as $6,000.  And this trade is not as efficient but it has a proven track record and I call this trade the 5 Step.  And this trade is much easier to learn and implement than the Synthetic Dragon, and the worst case scenario is that you can learn how successful options traders trade without losing money. 

Now, I can never guarantee people won’t lose money trading.  Now, also the system is a great stepping stone to eventually graduate to the Synthetic Dragon type system.  These systems are not only a proven money making edge, but what about your time.  Would you rather have a system that actually creates time for you so you can do whatever you want when you want stress-free or would you prefer trying to make money in front of a computer all day like a job, day trading, full of stress?  I’ll make a popular claim that day trading works, even though that is unproven, but anyway, if it did work why would you put the time and effort into learning about day trading if you could trade the way that I just showed you?  Which has also been proven by me to be successful and it creates time. 

I’ll leave a link in the description for the 5 Step and also don’t forget I have a link in the description for Ron Bertino’s course.


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Link to Ron Bertino’s Course

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