Real P&L April 2020

This is Karl Domm with your real P&L update.  I’m gonna go over my P&L for the month of April 2020.  

Just a quick look at the markets here.  This is the SPX.  You can see from the beginning of the year approximately right here til about the end of the month for January; really no movement there and did pretty well that month.  And then when we went into February, let’s see we get to the end of February here, ended down about 8.5%.  My particular account took a pretty good hit there.  And then for the month of March, market was down really good about 12.5%.

And now for April, starting right here, market was up pretty good, 12.5%.  We had 112.5% increase.  So as, you know, I had a really a decent January, really bad February, right, and a really good March.  And for the month of April, as you can see the market was up 12.5%, you can see how I did pretty well up about over 3% which is a really good month. 

Basically the system is set up to make money in any market environment.  And so you can see in the month of March the market was down 12.5%.  I made some good money and then in the month of April, I was up 12.5% and the system still made money.  So it’s a really resilient system and it is set up to work in any market environment.

So there you have it for the month of April.  My real P&L about $136,374, but remember I did add $25,000 to that.  And remember, if you want a credible mentor, get there P&L.

I spend about a minute per day maintaining this account, and 2 or 3 days out of the month I spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day when I actually need to take off and put on new positions.  

If you are interested in how I manage my account, you can learn the 12 principles that I use, also you can learn about my trade structure in my book called A Portfolio for all Markets which is available on Amazon and Audible and I left a link below to my book in the description.


A Portfolio for all Markets:

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