My Real Experience with Option Net Explorer

This is Karl Domm with the Real P&L Channel.  I’ve been trading and back-testing options for over 26 years and I have 5 reasons why I use Options Net Explorer.

#1, I can create a potential trade and Ican back-test and log it.  Even since I started using Option Net Explorer, I’ve back-tested over 150 systems.  You can see here these are all the systems that I’ve created and back-tested.  And you can see that I’ve ran over 5,550 back-tests.  So when it comes to my money, I don’t rely on someone else’s back-test or someone else’s word.   Iuse this software to run the test myself.

And #2, if you are interested in purchasing some type of system or trading system from someone and you can gleam a little bit of information from that you can actually back-test it with this software.

And the #3 reason why Ilike the software is if you use your platform to trade your positions, it can become very complicated because your software does not show the adjusted losses or gains on your position, and it doesn’t show the whole position or what happened through the whole campaign.  It only shows your P&L and what your current open position is.  

For example, you can see here this SPX position that Ihave it says that it’s up $78,000. Well, I know that’s not true.  Let me show you that position in Option Net Explorer.  As you can see, this same position in Option Net Explorer shows me my actual P&L for the entire position including all of the adjustments that I’ve made.  And it gives me also my Greeks that I need to look for possible adjustments.  And that is a big difference than a $78,000.  

How am I going to know when my position hits profit target so I can get out?  Well, it’s a lot easier to track in Option Net Explorer than it is in a trading platform that you use for trade executions.

So the #3 reason is because you can track your positions in real time.

#4, you can eliminate trade execution errors.  And let me get to an example of that. Okay, so let’s go back to my test account here.  Let’s say that I want to build this position and I want to commit this trade.  I can see what this is trading for and I can see all of my potential positions.  And when I go to ThinkorSwim, for example, and I want to build the same trade and build the same trade here.  So when I go to execute my trade I want to make sure that these match up.  These should correlate and you can see that they’re not even close so something’s wrong.  

So I, as I recheck my numbers, let’s see if I change this to 28 30, let’s see those numbers match up.  They move together.  So you see if they move together then you know whatever you built here you’re going to execute here, and it gives you that double check and that’s significant when you want to eliminate trade execution errors. 

And the fifth (#5) thing that I like is the ability to look at statistics.  And you can see here that I can look at this particular trade.  I can look at 2011 or 2012; let’s just say.  And these are my back-test results and I can see what happened.  And I can also go to the analysis tab and I can see an equity curve.  And I can also see how many–what’s my average days in trade, 13 days.  How many wins, losers, my maximum drawdown.  This is very important information when you’re trying to put together a trading system.  

I’ve been using this product for a few years now, and that’s without a discount.  But even though I’ve been paying full price, I still believe I’m getting a great value.  But I believe if you’re serious about managing your money in the markets, this tool is a necessity.  I provided a link in the description below, and if you use that link to purchase the product you can actually receive a 10% discount.


10% Discount on Option Net Explorer

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