Is My P&L Real

Okay in the comments section of one of my videos, I’ve been accused of possibly adding funds to my account and that’s the reason why I’m making the returns that I’m making.  So I’m going to make this video to show you that I’m not doing that.  So we can see here.  What day was this?  June 8th.  That’s when I transferred money into this particular account. 

Now, we can go before June 8th.  You can look at my P&L before that and what you’ll see is that I was using Interactive Brokers.  And with Interactive Brokers, I like their system a lot better.  You use the chart, the graph, I like it a lot better.  

Plus within that graph, it actually says when you add funds.  This one doesn’t show if I added funds or not.  So I need to go deeper into this.  But if we go, again, if you want to go back behind here, you know, back in the past before this, look up all my P&L’s, you’ll see that I didn’t add or subtract.  Now there may be that one time when I had to add some money and then I took it back out.  I did that once and I told everybody about that, but I’m not adding, you know, $500 and $1,000 there and stuff like that.  And that’s what I’m here to prove.  

So let me take a look.  History.  Let’s say statements, right.  When did I start this?  June.  Okay, so here’s funds deposit.  Okay, so I put in $159,000, so this is the beginning.  There’s my funds deposited.  So let’s go look at the other ones and see if I deposited any funds after that.  

Funds deposited: 0.  So 0.  Funds deposited: 0.  That was July.  Let’s go to August.  Funds deposited: 0.  Still $159,000.  September: 0.  Still $159,000.  October: 0.  $159,000.  November: 0 $159,000.  December 0.  Deposits to date: $159,000 year to date.  January: 0.  Deposited: 0 year to date.  February: 0 and 0.  

So I have not deposited any money since I opened this account.  That’s proof right there of, you know, all my returns are legit.  

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Remember, if the P&L is not real, what else are they trying to conceal.


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