Is Meet Kevin Profitable?

In this video I’m going to go over the results from Meet Kevin’s short-term alert service.  As you may already know my name is Karl Domm, Karl with a ‘K’, and I’ve been trading options online since the mid 1990s.  And I make money trading options and I prove it by sharing my P&L on this channel.  And I’m the only Youtuber that shares my P&L with my daily balance.  Which is really the only way anyone can be credible when sharing P&L.

Now, this channel has two things going for it.  One, it’s about trading and learning about options, and second, I spend my own money and take online trading courses to give my honest opinion and I only provide affiliate links if I think the course is worth taking.  And most of my reviews do not have affiliate links and if you see a review from another Youtuber with an affiliate link, it’s good reason to be a little skeptical. 

Okay, so let’s get into Meet Kevin’s alert service.  He has two separate alerts, the long term and short term.  Now, I will not be focused on the course long enough to see the results of Kevin’s long-term alert service so I’m going to focus in on the short-term alerts that Kevin provides.  Now, alert services are designed for an instructor to provide a clear path for its students to follow.  Typically, the instructor calls out a separate trade and this can be done via text, email, Discord, or Slack; some form of mass communication is used.  The alert is called out giving the student the ability to copy the instructor’s trade.  This helps avoid confusion as to what the instructor is recommending.  An alert is clear and concise leaving little room for error for the student.  In theory, the student will follow the instructor’s trades, place them in their own account, and make money. 

Now, I followed and documented the alert service from the time the archives are available from April 16, 2021 to the end of my course review on September 1, 2021.  Now, this was a lot of data to compile.  I placed every trade into my spreadsheet to see the results.  Kevin is very sporadic with his alert information, I mean, he has no real format for providing the information.  One day he’ll give all the information needed to see the results of the trade, you know, including the execution and the strike prices and everything you need.  Then the next day he’ll call out a trade with only partial information.  For example, he might sa he’s going long shares on CLOV and not say how many shares or how much he paid for those shares.  Other times he’ll say he’s buying options on a stock without giving the strike price or the price that he paid for the options.  So I had to piece together a lot of the information and just do my best.  And I’d say I’m about 97% accurate with the spreadsheet but I could have missed a couple things.  

Now, this alert service is definitely not easy to follow.  In fact it’s the worst alert service I’ve ever seen as far as providing clear information to follow.  And I don’t think Kevin intends for anyone to follow him anyways.  And you can see my video called Why Meet Kevin’s Alert Service Is Not For You and I will provide a link in the description below for that video.  

Now, I was able to see alerts accounting for 66 trades over a 5 month period.  6 of those trades Kevin called for a profitable close but there was no record of trades being called for the open, or they didn’t show any real trade executions.  So that was six of the 66.  Now, those were all winners by the way.  Now 28 of the 66 have still not been closed and the profit or loss has yet to be determined.  And some of these trades are 5 months old and most likely were losses that Kevin is still holding or maybe just forgot to mention.  

Now when he has a winner, he definitely promotes what happened in the trade.  You’ll know about it.  Now 24 of 66 trades have been closed and documented by Kevin.  12 of those were winners, 9 were losers, and 3 broke even.  Now the 12 winners accounted for $227,000 in profit.  The 9 losers accounted for around $35,000 in losses.  So he is showing $192,0 dollars in profit, but there’s still 28 trades out there that still haven’t been closed and could easily be down over $200,000  based on the way Kevin takes risk.  

Now here’s the spreadsheet with some of my notes.  You can see here I have the open date, close date, the stock, how many shares or options, and what the call is, and whether he went long or short, expiration date, and the volume, and the cost per share open, and the cost per share of he sold, and then have an account how much capital was outlayed, and then you have your P&l here.  

This trade right here didn’t have any shown execution.  He showed an open order but I don’t know if it ever was executed on that one.  All these with these little question marks, that is just I haven’t seen any results.  I don’t know what happened with those trades, and that’s a lot of them.  In fact, most of, what was that 28 out of 66, I don’t know what happened with those.  You can see here where we had some long options; where he made some money and lost some money.  

Okay, and then he kind of lumped some of these together and said I closed all these for $12,000 profit, so I kind of had to lump all these together to kind of show a $12,000 profit.  Again, this one here not closed from June 10th, who knows what happened to it; maybe it expired worthless because it was a long call.  

Here’s some incomplete information.  He said he did break even on it.  I just took him at his word, I guess.  These guys broke even.  And also quite a few times he said that he opened up some alert and then I I couldn’t find it.  Like, I went through the archives.  Like for example, this one he said he opened SOFI on the 23rd of April, but there was nothing on the 23rd of April.  For example, let’s see.  He didn’t–he made one trade but it wasn’t SOFI.  So that kind of happened a lot where, you know.  He said he did something in the past but I I didn’t see it in the archives.

Let’s see what else.  Again here, no prior trade on record for the open of this.  He said he closed it and lost money or closed it and made money, but I didn’t see anything.  And then also he did mention, you know, I just lost money on this trade and I’m going to go ahead and make up for it, and that’s just a classic rookie mistake there.  You don’t want to be revenge trading, they call it.  They definitely don’t want to be there.

Here’s another one where he showed the close and he showed some profit but there was no record of any open of that particular trade, this SFT.  Here’s one where he didn’t give information about the price so I had no way of knowing, you know.  Incomplete information on these trades.  Here he showed, you know, $88,000 profit, but he never, but there was never any open.  I never saw this trade open.  Shows $171,000 trade profit but there was never any–he didn’t show anything to open this trade so I don’t know.  You would have thought that he would have said hey I opened this trade now I closed it.  He’s just showing the close.

He just said he was selling covered calls on this stock BODY but he didn’t give any other information about it.  And here he showed a bunch of other profits you know $149,000 on tesla, $10,000; $1,500; $2,600 on all these trades, but he never showed any opening.  There was never, when I went through the archives, he never opened those trades or he never alerted or told anyone else that he opened those trades.  So that just kind of gives you an idea about if you’re going to be following Kevin’s short-term alert services, you’re really going to, it’s going to be really difficult to follow him, and you can see why here.  I mean, there’s just a lot of incomplete information and you open something up and it’s not closed and it’s been open for 4 or 5 months, 3 or 4 or 5 months and you don’t know what’s going on with that thing, you know. 

One of the other things I kind of noticed is that he does not like to really take losses.  He’d rather just add to his position, you know, and kind of hope that it comes back.  He does, he’s done that a few times or quite a few times and the problem with that is it can cause further losses.  And one thing is for sure that if the market crashes, he will take some seriou drawdowns.  But I guess so will everybody else that’s long; most people are just long the market.

If you’re a trader looking for trading consistency.  If you keep changing your approach, look to add one more rule that will get you over the top.  I’m going to help you for free stay with me for the next minute or so.

Now who am I to make this claim?  My name is Karl Domm, Karl with a ‘K’, and it took me over 20 years to finally succeed to become a profitable options trader.  I did that around 2015 and I have publicly proven to be a profitable trader since I started sharing my P&L on my Youtube channel in May of 2019.  Now, my larger options trading account started with $110,000 and now is worth over $165,000.  And I’m the only Youtube instructor that shares my daily P&L, proving that I am a profitable options trader.

Now, I’ve asked many other instructors to share their P&L, but they don’t because they can’t; because they actually lose money trading.  And I’m frustrated with the lies being told.  If you’ve ever taken an online trading course I’m 99% sure that you’re frustrated and that you’ve lost money following these instructors.  And you already know that they don’t share their P&L.

Now as far as trading myself, I just happen to have a passion for options trading and I spent over 27 years learning and trading.  And I’m not necessarily interested in the technical aspects of options from a scholastic point of view.  I’ve been passionate about the most efficient way options can make me money and this is my calling in life, as corny as that sounds.  And I’ve even written a book on the subject, even though I hate writing.  For some reason, trading ideas just flow into my head all the time and I take those ideas and I spend hours and hours back testing them.  

In 2017, I discovered a great course which taught me a specific trade structure which I’ve been able to mold and create specific rules around and capitalize on.  But the problem is that it requires a special margin account and a lot of capital to be traded.  So I set out to duplicate this trade structure in a way that could be done in a small account.  And after back-testing over 300 ideas, one of the trades I developed was a trade that I call The 2060.  

This is a proprietary trade I developed almost from scratch.  I initially created a course to sell it and I wanted to compete with these other Youtubers that were frustrating me with their fake claims.  But what I’ve decided is I want to do what it takes to expose those Youtube fake gurus.  And if I can offer something for free that is vastly superior to their paid products, maybe I could put a dent in their business; which in effect, would be using my talents to help  people.  

Because of this, I’m currently providing The 2060 course at no cost and this is a full course.  It’s not a worthless free report or some piece of useless non-actionable information.  This is a full course with black and white rules rules that you can use to take action and learn how profitable options traders trade.  This course is worth $495 but I’m giving it away today for free.  See the link in the description to sign up for the course.


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