Humbled Trader Review Part 1

Video Transcript: Humbled Trader Review Part 1

It is May 26, 2021, and I wanted to take a look at Humbled Trader.  She’s always interested me.  Let’s just take a look at her channel.

Background Audio | Humbled Trader:

“How much money do day traders make?”

Karl Domm:

Okay so the first thing I always like to do is figure out what what is her business model.  Like how does she–how does she make money.  And Cobra Trading here looks like she’s an affiliate; Interactive Brokers she’s an affiliate.  Looks like she did her February 2021.  She showed her account but it’s May.  I’ll have to see if she’s did any updates.  Here’s another affiliate link; a scanner.  It’s an affiliate link.  So you don’t see–the only way she–it looks like she makes money is through affiliate links.  So I’m saying–you know–I’m trying to look to see if she has a course or some way that I can follow her picks to see what kind of results she gets.  And I don’t really see that.  Let’s see maybe it’s in here.  

Okay here we are.  I can join her–looks like Discord.  Okay so she’s got a live stream; video lessons; swing trading; okay live mentorship webinars.  Here we go, so what do I get for $139.  I don’t know.  I mean, I guess I can join this community but I don’t know if I can actually follow her trades to see what her performance is but let’s see what happens.  

Okay, so first thing I’m going to do is join the Discord.  Click below to open our email.  Verification email channel.  Okay information reviews.  Verify email here.  Oh, this is what I do?  Okay tutorials.  So I’m in this area where I have access to video libraries and a resource center; documents that I need.  Let’s view this library.  Getting started on Discord–that’s a good one to have because that can be confusing.  Trading 101, trading foundations, strategies stuff like that.  And it looks like there’s about 16 videos.  Let’s go back and see how much what the information is on the resource center through that library.  I got 9 videos here on the resource center.  Maybe I’ll be able to ask her some questions–you know–how I have my 16 questions.  Maybe I will be able to ask her those questions in the Discord channel or maybe there’s a way to follow her trades in the Discord channel.  That’s what I’m going to find out.  I really want to know–you know– how can I follow her trades to see if she’s a profitable trader rather than just getting maybe bits and pieces off of her Youtube channel. 

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