Dan Parker Truetrader.net Review Week 1

On Thursday, May 14, 2020 I signed up for the course. Notice that below I do not have an affiliate link or through truetrader.net. That is because I am here to give my real experience, and my honest opinion. I want to make it clear that I am not going to be giving away any proprietary information regarding Dan Parker or true trader.net. I am only going to give my personal experience over, taking the course on a daily basis. As soon as I paid my $395, I got started on the recommended course.

The first thing I learned was how they want to do, set up thinkorswim or toss. That is the brokerage platform that I use. They have a certain way that they set it up and I think that most day traders, a lot of them set it up this way. So, I went through that. That took me about an hour I am familiar with thinkorswim.

So that’s why it didn’t take probably as long as somebody who is just fresh starting up after I set up the platform I took the recommended course it took me about four hours to go through that course. I wanted to understand as much as I could. Before I started live a trading I’m actually going to use a paper money account, starting with $25,000, the class explained the proprietary indicator, what it was, what it tracked and how they use it.

I also learned that we are looking to trade stocks in the first 30 to 60 minutes of the trading day. And we are looking for stocks that show certain characteristics. And I am not going to share those characteristics because that would be considered proprietary in my opinion. So, I am not going to share that with you, but just know that we are going to be looking at certain stocks, every day that have certain characteristics.

So, I look forward to showing you what happens. And this should be an interesting experience. Now that you know that I am going to be sharing my experience by going through this course and sharing with you every day. What happened. One of the things I wanted to get out there was, what are my expectations in this course. And so, I put together a little clip here. Dan. If I see him all the time on YouTube. And so, if I show you this clip, I think you’ll get a good idea.

What my expectations are going in. So, let me show you that works every single day, especially the first 30 to 60 minutes, the market open for consistent daily profits with minimal risk. I can make two to 5%, per day trading these names with minimal risk, the first hour of the morning.

Catch by the close every single day system to make returns on your account every single morning, all the way to consistent profits the market is split for two to 5% trades every single day. The first half now the morning, I am probably the best trader online that’s public and showing all of his trades, live for real on his site, and in his room and calling them live in real time over the life and screenshare. Everyone sees it I have nothing to hide, I make two to 5% trading socks every single day. Play real liquid names like visa and Disney, where you can do what’s legal this day trading stocks, every single morning for two to 5% gains and I know how to make money in the first 30 minutes of the market open and never holding any positions overnight. I hate overnight risk I hate back downs.

I just hated 30 minutes; boom bang I am done. Off to enjoy my day. And you can pretty much copy me for two to 5% gains every single morning. I will see you soon. This video is about number one with true trader.net.

This first week started Friday, May 15 and ends Friday, May 22, and 2020. Every single weekday morning I was up and glued to my computer screen from 6:30am to 7:30am. Pacific time. Here is what I found.

It is day one with Dan Parker and true creator.net. Today is Friday, May 2020 information in this video What is my opinion. Coming into today my thoughts were. I think I am going to lose money, but it is good thing that I’m using paper trading accounts. In the first hour of trading where I had 11 canceled orders to reject orders and zero fill trades, I did not find anything.

Here the some of the insights I had. There were multiple guys on the live stream so was not sure who to listen to one guy got filled. I did not see it on the screen. I do not see any executions on the screen from that guy. Maybe it is awesome predetermine list. And I am not sure about trade size. I am trying to figure out how to do my trade sizing right now.

I did try to fill a short, that the guys were talking about, but I got rejected because last, but not let me go short. We will share one available. And as you know I am only going to be here for one hour and a half to one-hour mark on the livestream. I just spent one hour glued to my screen, but I did not trade anything. And I am comparing this to my modern portfolio. Larger account with portfolio margin. Smaller account with regular margin.

And my larger account I just looked at it for about 10 seconds knew no adjustments were needed in my smaller account I needed to open a new position so that took about 10 minutes. So just to recap, I had 11 canceled orders to reject it. I have zero stock trading today for zero gain. And my goal is to make two to 5% per day which is approximately $500 with my $25,000 account. My opinion is that then in the first hour of training, did not come close to making 2%, or more today.

As you can see, I started my net worth 25,000, and my current balance of 25,000. So, there you have it for day one. It is day two with Dan Parker and true trader.net. Today is Monday, May 18, 2020, the information in this video is my opinion. Coming into today my thoughts were that Dan was very conservative yesterday and I would hate to be that conservative, and then put on a trade and lose that would be very frustrating. Today’s stats are I had seven canceled orders. And I had to build orders on one stock.

Basically, today I was not sure at all, how to do the sizing. I have not done any calculations or anything. And so, I did get into a trade. But I only use five shares just to kind of get a feel for what happens. And so, you can see that I barely made a little bit of money there, compared to my options portfolios one larger one smaller. I only spent about 10 seconds on each one just looking at them and realizing that there were no adjustments needed. So just to recap, I had seven canceled orders I had one stock traded I made $2 and 40 cents, my size was way off course My goal is to make two to 5% a day or $500 or more, and I probably would have made that 500 bucks today if I would have had my sizing done correctly. My opinion is Dan. In the first hour of trading he did make over 2%.

 Today, on May 15, I started my account with 25,000. And my current balance is $25,002. So, there you have it for day two. It is day three with Dan Parker and true trader.net. Today is Thursday May 19, 2020, the information in this video is my opinion. Coming into today. My thoughts were that Dan’s made pretty good money yesterday I wonder if it was a fluke or a beacon repeat that something new is that I’ve kind of picking up on is my sizing I’m gonna try doing 400 shares, per order are that I had five canceled orders, I had two fills on one sock. And here are some of the insights I had originally had a certain phrase. Later, to change the mind, decided to get a higher price. But when he got in, he only did a third of his position, and he said that when it goes lower, they will add another third. He would add another third.

That never happened. Not that I saw. Because I always leave at 730. So, we both got in he got in, with about one third of the position I got in with 400 shares, and I played slower. And then I put another gain at one point up for half the shares, and then 2.7 for another half of my shares. And so, I was risking 400 bucks and trying to make whatever that comes out to 300. What ended up happening was that I ended up disclosing my positions at 730.

So, I decided okay I am out of here. I am not going to hold this position; I am not going to leave my mic stops and I am just going to close it out. It just makes it easier to just go to cash, at the end of one hour. So, I did that, and I ended up with about a million-dollar profit. Not sure what happened with man’s position, compared to my options portfolio.

You know I have one with a larger account portfolio margin and one of my smaller accounts with options portfolio with regular margin. I did not do anything with those accounts today I just looked at them for 30 seconds to a minute, realize they did not mean any type of adjustments, just simply did not do anything. Which is good. And then I knew I just needed to come in the next day and look at them again. What’s up tomorrow.

So just to recap, I had five cancel orders I had one stock that I traded, and maybe $8. I did not get my goal of $500 today. And you can see my account balance started with $25,000 on May 15, and my current balance is $25,090, approximately. And I do not know what he did with it, he was still long. When I left at 730, in my opinion, I do not think he made 2% today. So, there you have it for day three, it is day four with Dan Parker and true trader.net.

 Today is Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the information on this video is my opinion, coming into the game my thoughts were. I have got a lot of things to get done today and I am on a tight schedule. It would be nice if I only had to address my options portfolio, which only takes about 20 seconds and no adjustments are needed. And in fact, no adjustments are needed today on those portfolios, some of the new things that I am understanding is that I am feeling a lot more comfortable. I can get up in the morning and set up my livestream a lot easier. I know, I know I need to reset my platform every morning and fresh updates prevent possible crashes.

So, I was able to do that. The last three days a little bit of a struggle okay where’s my link, where do I go What do I do this time it was just like, I know exactly what I need to do and it’s just easy, so it took three days of doing that analysis day four pretty easy to get everything set up and good to go. Here are today’s stats. I had eight canceled orders. I had one filled order, Dan had two stocks and he traded. One was left over from yesterday.

He talked about purchasing that stock that he had leftover from yesterday. The first thing he did was he said okay I just bought some of those shares. So, I went in and bought some of the shares. And then he said, Oh, but that is from yesterday, and I am like, okay, so I immediately exited. And I think I made $4 and I kind of got lucky, but I needed to get out right away because I wasn’t clear I didn’t know that he was holding that stock overnight and then he just bought more than, then another stock I was looking at was a more of a higher dollar stock more than $150 a share. And again, I like to trade you know 400 shares that’s kind of my thought process at this point, I had to do some quick calculations, first of all, my orders got rejected because I didn’t have enough buying power.

And then I had to kind of recalibrate and see well how many shares Can I buy to try to make you know one to 2% or risk one. And by the time I did all that I put my order in, and that order just never got filled so I just cancelled the order out. So, I did not actually get into that stock. Really, I was only in one position today.

Yeah, that one was interesting, they are trying to get that order filled, trying to recalculate everything at the last second. There was another stock that Dan got into. He got into it, you mentioned you got into it. And I went to go try to fill that order. And literally, I had two to three seconds later maybe four seconds later once I’m ready to pull the trigger that particular stock had already moved against me enough to where it wasn’t working in maybe three or four seconds after that, and got out for profit. So it was really quick to really have the opportunity to follow him on that particular trade, I realized that I need to scale my sizing so I created a new kind of chart to make it quick and simple.

So, zero to $5 are what I am going to go with 800 shares $500 400 shares or 100 $200 300 shares. So I need to kind of size, my shares by that anything over $150, I probably don’t have the buying power over this $25,000 can work with that, and then comparing again with the options portfolio that only took me about 20 seconds to go ahead and just kind of look over real quick. I knew right away to make an adjustment I was done.

So that made it good to have those options portfolio, how you manage those is how I like to do it. And just to recap, I had eight canceled orders. I had one filled order, which was a mistake. Dan had two stocks that he traded when it was leftover from yesterday. The one sock that helped me yesterday he did not make a profit on it. Because he made money on that second stock today. So overall, he did make some money, but he did say he was in the red on that one sock that he held overnight, even though he could make some money today.

I did not hit my goal of $500 today again. My opinion is that Dan did not make over 2% Today he did make some money. And on May 15 I started my account with $25,000 and my current balance is $25,092. And so there you have it for day four day five with Dan Parker and true trader.net. Today is Thursday May 21, 2020, the information in this video is my opinion.

Coming into today my thoughts were the hardest part of doing this is being on a strict time schedule, waking up at 615 every day I’m on the west coast, my options portfolio that I run is monitored once a day and it can be any time of the day I usually look at it around seven 730 in the morning on my options portfolio I noticed my GCC order got filled for profit so I know I’m gonna have to spend five or 10 minutes putting on a new trade. W

Whenever I get to a bear. There is no rush. One of the things coming in today that was new is my trade plan as far as my sizing. I know I am going to have to be really quick, when it comes to making a trade, and trying to follow what is going on with Dan. So, I just kind of put this quick thing together that I know I can do, where if it is a stock that’s price, zero to $10 I am going to use 800 shares. If it is a stock price from $10 or $100, I’m going to do 400 shares.

And if it is 100 $150. I am going to do 300 shares, and anything over 150 shares I cannot really do because the account size is only $25,000. So, it is kind of a new thing. Today’s stats I had 15 canceled orders you can see, I had one bill order, made a mistake on that order execution but I am going to go over here in a little bit. Now, Dan had zero fills we have a bill price of the same and we are going up the same stock and we have put the same price in to get billed. And he did not get filled so in real time that price never really occurred, but again it is, but what happened to me is that it actually triggered a market order, which I’ll talk about more in detail.

And here is some of the insights that I had today after five days notice that trading slows down significantly after 730 or after 30 minutes into the day, there does not seem to be a lot of opportunities. With this system that is what I have just found so far. I am also found that sitting here for an hour intensely ready to make a trade because I have got to do it within a second or two after I hear Dan call it out. It is pretty intense, and you got to sit here in front of the screen with a certain level of intensity for an hour. I guess you get used to it.

Not easy. Nothing Dan talked about again. Taking trades outside of the first hour window. Dennis a few times where he is like okay, I’m going to hold this for a longer period, or I’m gonna watch the stock and then later on in the day, if it hits a certain level. But I don’t do that obviously I’m only in for the first hour, and also had a thought that I haven’t seen him talking about risking one to make two or I haven’t seen any of his trades where he risks, $1, so he’ll get stopped out at $1 but then he’ll actually have a profit target of making $2.

I have seen him take them off after $1 profit targets and maybe takes half of it off and then the other half off, maybe at the $2 level, have not really seen him hit that $2 level yet. And one of the things I am going to go over is that I learned something very significant about thinkorswim paper trading. So, if you are going to use toss.

You want to know that I actually called them and talk to them for a few minutes, because when I filled this order right here, I get it filled at a different price and what my limit order was, and I got this filled. And that is because I made a mistake. So, let me go over the mistake. So, one mistake that I made was at this 9840, my profit target should have been many 740, or even 9640, you know, you want to get one point or two points.

I have seen Dan only go after one point, so I put it in at one point I accidentally put it in because I got filled here a lot higher, I got confused. And I thought, well, I need to be in the 98 range. In order to get my 1.1 I should have been in the 97, I should have tried to fill at 9740 actually thought that I filled at 9840 so I should have put this in at 9740 so that was a mistake. Hopefully I won’t make that mistake again. Now, but what is interesting is when I put it at 940. I placed someone in order. So, for example, I put it in here. I placed this here and then I hit this sand and I do not put that order in to limit orders, but it looks like. Right.

But what happened is it did have a limit of 9040. But when you use this format this paper trade and toss it creates a trigger at 9840, and then it creates a market order. So typically, you might get filled close to that 9840 it just depends. I mean these stocks are moving fast. Currently because these are the stocks that were trading and moving really fast. So, it traded it gave me a better price at 9899.

Now the reason why I use this price is because that was the next price that the stock, traded at, it took about what 13 seconds or something like that. From the time so 631 27 636. So, what is that nine seconds later, filled. So, or one of the things I wanted to do was wait a minute. No, I want to only get this price, for better or I wanted to build right away like, I do not want it to wait nine seconds. But we use paper trading. And you do it like this. It is going to fill the next order that occurs that was the next order.

Unless you place your trades a certain way. And then when I got out, which I again made a mistake it should have been 9740. But I placed it at 9840. And it actually filled it at 53 so it just triggered it, it hit 9840, and then it went to fill the next time and somebody placed the training, which happened to be a worse bill.

This bill I got better in this bill I got worse and so I want to avoid because I don’t think that Dan trades like that I think whatever he price he puts in, he’s going to get that price or better. So right here getting this 9840 and then getting filled up 9853. That is not a good bill. So how do I avoid that. Well I tried to do it to where it was automated. You know, I will put this order in here, for example. And when I go to send it. I am hoping you know to get 3619 or less, but I do not want it to be like a trigger 3619, then bounces up and then it feels at 3630.

I want to get 3916 for a better. Period. Like I do not want to get worse than that. So, what I must do is when I go to trade. Take this trade which I only have like a second or two. And so quick. I must go to the Edit. And then I must go to the limit. And I had to go to limit stop. Which means that it is not going to feel worse than that.

So, there’s a couple more steps that I need to make to use simulated trading on toss to trade more like them. I do not want to put out these market orders. He does not put out market orders. I do not want to put out market orders. So hopefully that makes sense. And that is one of the things one of the major things that I learned so when I am trying to be really fast. I must take a couple more steps to make these trades. And you will do this by phone. Okay, so just to recap, I had 15 canceled orders I had one build order.

I made, $184, really got lucky, because I made a mistake on my order execution, but still made money. My goal is to make two to 5% per day which is $500 or more I did not reach that goal today. My opinion is that Dan. In the first hour of training. He did not come close to making 2% on his account. And, on May 15 I started my template 25,000, and my current balance is $25,276. So, there you have day five of my experience.

It is the six with Dan Parker and true trader.net. Today is Friday, May 22, 2020, the information in this video is my opinion. Coming into today my thoughts were that I was hoping that I can get a bill. When Dan calls out the trade. In the morning, of course I only trade for the first hour, and maybe yesterday’s bill were triggered to market is a problem, only due to low liquidity stocks, but I’m going to go ahead and still do those extra steps that I talked about and toss in order to make sure I don’t have a market order.

Today’s stats, I had 12 canceled orders and four fills on one stock, Dan also had a Phil on one stock but I wasn’t able to see his screen today there was a problem with TD Ameritrade and toss. So, we launched Adriana. In his screen did not show actual trade executions on the screen he did call them out. So, I know he did not trade. So, there is a lot of people on the livestream if there is three or four or five guys. So, what I have decided to do is just follow whoever screen whoever is sharing their screen I am going to follow them because that is where I have been seeing the actual trade executions. I know some of the other guy who made some trades there, but I was unable to follow them because I got to see the screen. I know what is going on, but again on Adrianna screen. I could not see the trade executions. Maybe he had him on a different screen or something.

But it just had to do with a trade difficulty from thinkorswim today. So, I did get short 400 shares of a stock. I was able to use like those extra steps that I talked about. Because when the trade was called out by Adrian Oh, you know, I had a little bit of time to put that in. So, if the market came to me. So, because of that I was able to take those extra steps and execute. As soon as I got filled. I placed my stop. One point higher and I was short, so I had a stoploss, and then one point lower until Adrian will call that said okay well no we’re going to do this differently, we’re going to we’re going to play in three different trades.

We’re going to put in a stop at a certain level then we’re going to go a little better level we’re going to put in a put in the exit and then a little better level than that we’re going to put an exit so there was like three exits. But there was plenty of time to put those in. No issues there. It took a few minutes Let us see, we have got short here. It took quite a few minutes. 19 minutes or something before the first one got filled, another five minutes after that.

 And then you can see at the end, I just closed everything out at 730 because I exit the trade I only have one hour a day to dedicate to this so I just closed everything out. That was still for profit. One of the things was I wasn’t sure about my buying power so I put this little this trade in on this particular stock right here, this one that was just to see if I had enough margin to make that trade. I was not sure if I was going to be able to make the trade.

And you can see that I did get rejected here. So, what I found is doing what I talked about earlier which is 800 shares. Zero $10 400 shares and dollars 100 and 300 shares 100 $250 that sizing there, it looks like. Once I get into one trade, which I am using around one and a half percent to 2% of my account at risk.

Once I do that. And I have a trade on it does not look like I can add a second trade. So, it looks like I might be limited to one trade, maybe two trades per day. That is one thing I learned today. Also, when we were putting in a stock, the stock kind of got changed. In other words, I was willing to take a larger loss like a one-point loss.

But then as the time went by and the stock kind of settled down a little bit. We moved our stop loss, even closer to the price. So, in other words we take a lot lower stop loss. And that was one of the things that happened that I thought was interesting that we were not willing to take that full stop loss, once we kind of made a profit got partially out of the trade.

And we went ahead and kind of moved our loss, all the way down really close to where the market was just to kind of maintain make sure we keep those profits, and then again at the end of the day I just flattened out I just end of the day, at the end of the hour and I just closed everything out because I’m not going to hold anything during the day.

Just to recap, I had about 12 canceled orders I had four filled orders that was all in one stock. And you can see that I made. $400 a day which is fairly good about 1.6%. So overall, the account is actually up about $676 and my opinion is that Dan’s account which I could not see in the first hour trading but I could hear him in the background, is that he did not hit his target of 2% today. There you have it for day six one week has gone by today’s Friday, and six trading days in my account is up overall 2.7% for the week, which is not quite 2% a day. It should be up by 12%, but still a 2.7% for the week. Overall, please notice that I spent $395 on this course.

I spent over 30 hours, taking this course. And I spent at least another three hours on this video, and I did all this, so you do not have to. If you feel like you have gotten any value out of this. All I ask in return, is that you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and take a look at my free course. See link bellow.

Link to my FREE Proprietary Course https://real-pl.com/landing-page-1/

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