Bryan Bottarelli Monument Traders Alliance Course Review Part 2 of 2

This video is part two of my review on Brian BartorellI’s Both Ways Trade.  This will also be the final video with my conclusion.  

Now, volume 5.  First, I learned that Karim is a smart guy.  He speaks five languages, he’s visited over 195 countries; I mean, this obviously makes him an expert on options, right?  Again, I’m being sarcastic.  This module explains how to get short with defined risk with a low probability options structure.  This strategy is totally dependent on picking the right direction.  In fact, you’d be better off just shorting the stock because your odds of obtaining profit would increase.  

This is just some basic information on a basic option strategy you can learn for free almost anywhere.  In my opinion, so far I’m thinking that a site like Tastytrade is not only a place where you can learn the information here for free, but it’s actually a better place to get educated.  Now, half of this volume was about how I could join the war room.  

Okay, volume number 6.  This is the same concept that we went over in volume number 5.  They just go over how to go long instead of how to go short.  This could have been covered in the last volume.  Actually, all the information so far in this course could have been found on any free options course.  Except with the other courses, you wouldn’t get this constant war room up-sale.  Well, maybe that’s the proprietary part of this course.  Should I call and upsell proprietary information?  This is the only thing that’s even come close to being proprietary in the course.

Okay, volume number 7, I’m hoping to see if we’re going to get any, you know, get something new here, something good here.  And we found another basic concept.  Frankly, this is becoming unbearable as I think about how someone new is being taken advantage of, in my opinion.  The newbie might think this is valuable information and unknowingly will think there’s an edge in basic options strategies.  So what they will do is they’ll start placing these types of trades without any kind of money management guidance and they will begin to lose money until they realize hey they need the war room.  That is a very interesting business model in this particular module.  More time is spent on the war room than in the actual options education information. 

Okay volume 8, finally.  He goes over what I think he thinks his edge is, and that is chart reading.  You all know what I think of chart reading, but at least it’s getting to the bottom line which is how he picks a direction.  Again, he’s using very basic techniques and this time it’s about charts.  I am not surprised that he’s going over chart related stuff that you can find for free almost anywhere.  And he’s not going over any money management.  Which I believe is over half the battle when trying to make money directionally.  And oh yeah, all you need to do now is join the war room.  

And now the bonus video.  This was an option strategy relying on being in a trade.  And after it goes your way, rather than taking profits, you add more options in order to sacrifice your profits for more potential profits later.  It’s a little more advanced; but again, it’s predicated on picking the right direction in the short term and then picking the right direction again in the long term.  This is a very low probability situation in my opinion, but at least with this strategy you can’t find it in most free options courses.  But I think that’s because it rarely works.  In other words, the probability is even lower than the other trades in the previous volumes.  And I’m trying to find something good to say about this $79 course and I have nothing. 

In conclusion, I usually make multiple videos and provide information based on digging deep into the course.  While this course has nothing to dig deep into, the information, in my opinion, does not warrant any extensive investigation because there really is no real substance to investigate.  

In my opinion, Brian spent 99% of his time creating and distributing his marketing material, and 1% of his time on content.  Brian, in my opinion, is trying to leverage his past job as  market maker and is taking the marketing to an extreme by providing the highest level of perceived value possible; but when you get behind the curtain, all I see is stuff you can get for free elsewhere, in my opinion.

He calls the win both ways trade the single greatest trade in the history of the markets.  I’m really lost for words.  Was the Ford Pinto the most reliable car in history?  Is the Toyota Corolla the fastest car in history breaking all the land speed records?  I just don’t know how to react to Brian’s statement.  

I believe it is false.  I’ll just say that either these guys don’t understand probabilities or they do understand probabilities and are knowingly keeping that part a secret and providing information that I think is a disservice to unknowing people that want to learn about options.  I’m thinking what they want is for people to lose money with the strategies they teach in the course in order to steer the students into their upgraded war room.  

I believe the information in the course is misleading, in my opinion, and it is worse than what you can get for free.  I don’t mean to say that the information is false.  I’m saying that the returns you can achieve using these strategies are misleading based on the webinar.  And yes, you can make 10 times your money on a single trade with some of these strategies, but when you add in all the losing trades based on statistics, you’re going to be a loser in P&L.

I just paid $79 to learn about basic option strategies.  I was not taught how to manage my money around these strategies and I know why.  And the reason is because there’s no way

to be profitable with these strategies unless I know the direction of the underlying stock.  I need to predict the future to be profitable.  These volumes should have been about how Brian picks a direction of the stocks not about how to place low probability trades.

How does he pick a direction?  That’s the only way he can make money with these strategies. Oh, and I know now that I need to join the war room.  Are you sick and tired of hearing the war room?  Now you know how I feel.  It is of my opinion that if I join the war room and Brian uses the option strategies he went over in the $79 package that the probabilities would play out and I would lose money.  Unless, he’s found that magic formula of picking the right direction of a stock and then properly managing his money around that.  And as you know, I’ve not really seen that done and I have been looking for that for over 25 years.

My conclusion on the Win Both Ways Trade is that it has been statistically proven to be a loser over time, much like a roulette wheel or slot machine.  And in my opinion, none of the content was worth the $79 that I paid and I basically paid to be up sold to his war room

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