Big Down Day! The 5 Step Options Trading Success Program

This is Karl Domm with the Real P&L channel.  I just want to talk about a little bit about the 5 Step Options Trading Success Program and today is the September 20th, 2021.  You can see the market is down significantly.

SPY is down over 10 points, you know, almost 2.5% and so what happens to the 5 Step?  What happens to my 5 Step?  Here you can see, you know, maybe I’m down $50 bucks, $30 bucks.  It’s kind of oscillating.  I’m up, you know, it’s just basically at breakeven.  It’s not losing money for me.  

And that what you want to be in.  That situation when the market’s down heavily, you know, I am not down with this system and, you know, when the market’s up or go sideways I have the ability to make money with the system.  And if you’re an options trader and you sell premium, today you’re most likely getting smashed up pretty good.  You’re taking a pretty heavy loss in your account and you might be even even hitting stop losses, and you’re you know you, might be taking some pretty heavy losses with a day like today.  But with my 5 Step I’m not getting hurt at all and just a normal day.  So I just wanted to make that point.  

Now, for those of you who have kind of figured out that picking a stock direction and trading stocks short-term is not working for you.  Then you realize, hey buying long options that’s not really working for you; and then you realize I I need to sell option premium; and then you realized on days like today this isn’t really working for me; and so now you’re at that, you know, that what I would say that fourth step, or that fourth level, where you realize you need to sell option premium but you also need to be hedged.

That’s what the 5 Step Options Trading Success Program is designed to do.  And if you’re interested in the program, I left a link in the description for the video that you can watch.  That talks more in detail about the 5 Step Options Trading Success Program.


Link 5 Step Options Trading Success Program Information

Link 5 Step Proprietary Course

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