15 Hidden Secrets Behind Beststockstrategy David Jaffee’s Paywall

Karl Domm here with the Real P&L Channel.  This video is the 15 Hidden Secrets Behind the Paywall: David Jaffee’s Beststockstrategy’s alerts system.  

Now, we went behind the paywall of David Jaffee’s alert system and followed his trades.  And I’m going to go over the 15 secrets that I found and I use my 27 years of online options trading experience to expose trading systems, and my over 30 years in business to expose business models.  Now Jaffee’s Beststockstrategy alert pricing is $19 a month for the first 7 days and then it rises to $349 a month. 

So let’s get into this.  

#1: Jaffee sells option premium which does take advantage of the options trader’s edge  Which is the difference between implied volatility and actual volatility.

#2:  He actually trades in a real account and gets real results right beside his students.  In a side note, he also does not trade every day.

#3:  You can follow his trades without being in a big hurry, because he trades very liquid options on well-known big-name stocks.  And this is in contrast to day traders where you need to be able to follow them within a second or two.

#4:  He’s recently lowered his risk.  He’s developed a system that trades a combination of naked options with spreads depending on the current volatility in the market.

#5:  David wins on over 90% of his trades without challenge.  Then on the remaining 10%, he

adjusts to look for profit or sometimes break even.

#6:  When following his alert service or any alert service that’s not day trading, I can be patient when entering the trade and maybe I can get a better fill; or at least I feel very close to the instructor.  But when exiting I need to get out.  And get the best price I can regardless of what the instructor got.

#7:  Depending on your account size, you may or may not be able to follow all of David’s trades.

#8:  Some of David’s adjustments actually add risk to the position.

#9:  When quitting the alert service, the type that David has, the ones that hold positions over time, you may need to stay a little bit longer because you might have an open position where you’re waiting for that final alert to tell you to close it.

#10:  I made 4% following David’s trades in a two-week period.  Now, that is a very good return.  It’s over 96% annualized.  And I need to say that this is higher than his goal of around 3% a month, and I believe he’s become less aggressive since the time that I was following his trades.

#11:  Jaffee has three free training videos.  Video 1 goes over sizing, trade execution, and timing.  Video 2, David shares his P&L over a one year period.  Which gives him extreme credibility.  And video 3, went over an important concept that David employs which is using market leaders in his strategy.

#12:  David has slowly evolved his trading system to mitigate risk against the worst case scenario.

#13:  David can handle a trade gone bad.  Like for example, Tesla that went against him when he was short a call and it went up $50 in just 10 days.  He implemented Plan A then Plan B then Plan C moving the trade into a higher probability situation.  And you can see a link in the description on a video that I created on how he handles a good trade gone bad.

#14:  I can email David and he responds with honesty and not as a salesman.  He truly wants the best for his students.

#15: David shares his P&L.  Which is the highest level of credibility.  Now, usually my reviews are negative but this one is one of those rare alert services that I recommend.  And if you’re interested in the service I left a link in the description below.


Link to David Jaffee Alerts

Link to Good Trade Gone Bad

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