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  • This is the only time you will have a chance to pay only $99 per month for this service. If you miss this offer it will be $259 per month.
  • Let’s get to the point. I started with a 5k account in January 2022 you can look at the P&L and if its above 5k plus $99 per month then this is a good deal! For example, if this is May of 2022 is the account P&L higher than 5k plus 5X 99 or higher than 5,500? If the answer is yes, then I have been able to make weekly alert picks that outpace the cost of the program and therefore this thing has value.
  • By the way I think every alert service should be evaluated in this way unfortunately you can’t see the other instructors P&L so you really don’t have a proper way to evaluate other alert services.
  • Is it worth spending $99 per month to make more than $99 per month? This is not a subjective thing the numbers speak for themselves. Hey if the system is not generating more than $99 a month then it is not a good value. Since the numbers speak for themselves, this is a pretty easy decision.
  • If you are wondering how hard it is to follow the trades here is how it works. You become a part of my Discord group and I let you into my private channel. The channel only has the trades. The entries and the exits.
  • If you want to chat with others about the trades, I have a separate chat channel for that, so the alert channel does not get clogged up. This makes it easy to find and follow the once per week trades. Also, it is possible that there would be a week where no decent trades are available if that is the case, I won’t suggest a trade that I am not confident with.


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