Master Mind Program



PREMIER LEVEL 5 MASTER MIND — Imagine a mastermind that:

  • I will reveal the PREMIER LEVEL 5
  • Teaches A Real Trade With PROVEN Results
  • Teaches you everything you need to know to trade the system on your own using black and white rules.
  • Teaches the ultimate trade plan in the ultimate master mind. Learn everything about the trade structure and trade plan.
  • Teaches you to become an independent trader.
  • Has limited members so the instructor (Karl Domm) can give individual guidance.
  • Focuses exclusively on helping traders learn how to be consistently profitable with low drawdowns.
  • Teaches the exact trade structure and trade plan Karl uses in his account.
  • Shows how and why second order greeks are important without the fluff.
  • Teaches how to deal with each and every possible market environment profitably.
  • Karl answer all questions, he holds nothing back.
  • Results are trading for a living (Depending on individual needs and capital)
  • Teaches a trade plan that creates time not just money.
  • Provides Individual help until you can do it on your own.
  • Karl trades his account with the same strategy and same actual positions right beside you.
  • Is a small community of other traders learning and applying the same trade system.
  • If you properly apply yourself, I will make sure you learn how to trade the system on your own.
  • Learn something evergreen that can be applied for a lifetime.
  • Cut about 25 years off your trading journey that’s what Karl would’ve done if I was in this Master Mind.
  • This could be a one time offer! I am strongly considering only offering this one time!
  • Student numbers are limited so the first to sign up get the spots!

Karl Domm’s Proven Trading Track Record:

  • I personally have approximately 80% of my net worth invested in trading.
  • Since 2020 I have proven results of making well over 100k per year trading!
  • In 2020 which included a crash market Karl’s returns (Using Synthetic Dragon System) were 30.26%. Max monthly draw down -15.39% (S&P down -35%) (Back test results reflected in Jan, Feb, March)
  • In the 2021 bull market Karl’s returns were 23.56%. Max monthly draw down -6.34%
  • In the 2022 grind down Karl’s returns were 24.34%. Max monthly draw down -1.77%
  • Past results are no guarantee of future performance

Here’s how it works:

  • Here’s how it works:
  • The current Master Mind is full. I am planning on creating a new Master Mind soon.
  • I will reveal the Premier Level 5 Trade structure and trade plan.
  • Details to follow

Member cap: 5


Click the application link below and fill out the application and assure your spot.

I have the right to reject any application.

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